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Washing Machine Cleaner Powder
Washing Machine Cleaner Powder
Item No.: JH-003-200

Deep collapse the stain in washing machine, significant descaling. Welcome OEM & ODM!


Application effect: deep collapse, significant descaling
Add active enzymes, promote the loosening of stains, deep penetration of inner and outer tube interlayer stains, strong decontamination, leaving no dead space.
(The water temperature is 40-60°, the active agent is better)

No manual cleaning, the dirt with water discharge
Water-containing softener and osmotic agent decompose dirt into fine particles and discharge with sewage.
No manual cleaning, no residue, more secure.

No corrosive components, no damage to the fuselage, decontamination and descaling, can be maintained stainless steel machine

How to use:
1. Remove any clothes from the washing machine before use.
2. Fill up the washing machine with water
3. Put 1 pack of the product (125g) into the washing machine. (do not put the product in the detergent drawer)
4. Let the machine run for 5-10 minutes in standard mode until the product completely dissolves.
5. Leave the dissolved product to work for about 90 minutes.
6. Run 1 standard cycle.

• Many types of washing machines are suitable: drum, wave wheel, double cylinder

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